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What do masturbation and Billiards have in common?

Q: What do Billiards and masturbation have in common?

A: it's all about the stroke!

Luis Suarez

What's Luis Suarez favorite food?


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Canoe-Kayak Racing Jokes

Listed below is a collection of Funny Canoe-Kayak Racing Sports Jokes, Jokes about Canoe-Kayak Racing. has a large funny joke collection sorted by sport category

Over the edge
Funny photo of a canoe going over a cliff.
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Sinking Canoe
Funny photo of a bunch of guys in a sinking canoe.
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Giant Pumpkin Kayaking
In Tualatin, Oregon , locally grown pumpkins are hollowed out and used as vessels in a race around the lake.
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Kayak Fail
Two guys about to go under water on their Kayak.
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  Keeping an eye.
"I thought I told you to keep an eye on your cousin," the mother impatiently barked. "Where is he?" "Well," her son replied thoughtfully, "if he knows as much about canoeing as he thinks he does, he's out canoeing. If he knows as little as I think he does, he's out swimming."
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  Eskimos Hunting
Two eskimos were paddling their canoe between the ice floes while hunting for food. It was perishingly cold so the one in the back of the canoe made a small fire to keep them warm. Unfortunately it quickly burnt through the bottom of the canoe and it sank. Luckily they managed to swim back to land. One said to the other "well that shows you can't have your kayak and heat it".
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