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What do masturbation and Billiards have in common?

Q: What do Billiards and masturbation have in common?

A: it's all about the stroke!

Luis Suarez

What's Luis Suarez favorite food?


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Racewalking Jokes

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Walking The Dog
Dog is being taken for a walk.
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  Three race horse were boasting one day.
Three race horse were boasting one day First one said”I have won 20 races out of 30″ Second one said”That’s nothing!!! ,I have won 25 out of 30″ Third one said”Both of you are losers.I have won 28 out of 30″ A dog who was listening to the conversation said that it was nothing and he had won all 30 races he raced in. This surprised all the 3 horses First one said that the dog was amazing. Second horse said that this dog can be easily sold for a million $. Third one said “Yes,he can talk.”
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