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What do masturbation and Billiards have in common?

Q: What do Billiards and masturbation have in common?

A: it's all about the stroke!

Luis Suarez

What's Luis Suarez favorite food?


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Sailing Jokes

Listed below is a collection of Funny Sailing Sports Jokes, Jokes about Sailing. has a large funny joke collection sorted by sport category

Extreme Ironing
Funny photo of a sailer doing some ironing on his boat.
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Dog Sailer
A dog dressed up a sa sailer.
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Guitar Boat
Boat in the shape of a guitar.
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Fat Guy In Boat
Fat guy in a little boat.
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Sailing Paper Boat
This particular paper boat was made by German artist Frank Boelter, and is made entirely from Tetrapack (the material used for milk cartons).
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  The Overnight Ferry
Two weary diplomats (a man and a woman) who have never met before found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on an overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. After finding out that no other accommodations could be made, they agreed that they were both professional diplomats and capable of getting past the man woman thing. They decided to simply go to sleep, the man in the upper berth and the woman in the lower berth. In the middle of the night the man leans over, wakes the woman and says, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm awfully cold and I was wondering if you could possibly reach over and get me another blanket?" The woman leans out and, and with a glint in her eye says, "I have a better idea. Just for tonight let's pretend that we are married." The man , more than a little surprised at the turn of events but very agreeable to the idea winks and says, "OK, that sounds great!" The woman says "Good...get your own blanket"
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